Air Travel has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times and is an exponentially progressing industry as we all can experience.

The Airlines nowadays are turning much towards the process of consumer satisfaction as you might be able to guess that there are changes in the in-flight experiences every time you board a plane.

What we Americans are impressed with are a few little things such as the better IFE’s (In-Flight Entertainment Systems), Better and Free Food on board, better and more convenient check-in process, and the list goes on!

This year, According to the scores of American Customer Satisfaction Index 2016, JetBlue and Southwest are the top competitors who tied for the first place in the list for Best Customer Service. Alaska, Virgin America and American follows the list further.

One can also expect superior services from the Delta as it yet another airline which is considered the very best for travel through the United States. It even has a great market share in both domestic and international operations.

United also makes a remarkable position in the list as it one of those trusted airlines that have a good record in almost all aspects. It is in fact the largest carrier from US to China and expanding! United is the first airlines in the US to introduce satellite based Wi-Fi service inflight, which is surely enough to capture a large market share.

Southwest is the airline to go with if you have some extra luggage and looking for a pretty decent inflight entertainment system as Southwest allows you to carry 2 checked-in baggage and offers a personalised IFE which links to your Smartphone or Tablet.

All-in-all, Alaska has been rated the best airline in the US based on a number of factors such as on-time arrivals, baggage handling service, flight cancellations, denials, etc.

One always has a number of expectations from the airline be it the handling of baggage, or the on-time arrival of the flight. The airlines work their best to meet with their costs running with lower fuel and management costs to provide the best services at economical rates. Fuel efficiency is a key factor which can determine the economical valuation of your airline. Better fuel efficiency will surely result in better profits which will ultimately result in better consumer service.

Pricing is yet another key factor that drives customers to a particular airline. In order to keep the prices at bare minimum, the airline has to meet all their fuel and overhead working costs and generate profits and still provide the customer with the cheapest service among the competitors. This may seem a quite difficult in the US as there are a number of domestic as well as international carriers providing top-notch services at very economical prices to the customers and still make decent profits.

Overall, one can easily come to the conclusion that airlines are upgrading their flights and meeting up with the latest technology and trends to meet the industry standards and always keep a step further from the competitors.