Lie on the beach and gaze out at sparkling blue-green waters, stay in luxury hotels, admire colonial fortresses, and enjoy warm weather all year-round.

Bermuda, off the coast of North America, is home to pink sand beaches, golf courses, luxury hotels and a contagious holiday atmosphere. Museums, architecture and ruins add a sense of history, while a high population of expatriates lend the country a multicultural feel.

Sink into the soft sand and relax on one of Bermuda’s plentiful beaches or grab a snorkel and get swimming. For one of the country’s most famous beaches, head to Horseshoe Bay. This beach can get crowded when cruise ships are in town, however; so be sure to check out some of the many other options as well. Those looking for a family beach should head to John Smith’s Bay or Clearwater Beach. Warwick Long Bay is one of Bermuda’s longest beaches.

Divers and snorkelers will love Bermuda’s stunning reefs and boat wrecks all around the islands. Many of them are also accessible from shore.

Explore inland in your own time with a rented scooter, check out some colonial architecture and visit one of the old forts or churches.

Take a walk or bike ride along the Bermuda Railway Trail, which was once the Bermuda Railway. On this trail you’ll get out of the traffic, see old buildings and enjoy great views of the island.

Bermuda was an important outpost during the colonial era but is today a self-governing territory. To find out more about the country’s history, spend a few hours at the Bermuda Maritime Museum. You’ll see an old British Naval Base complete with cannons and plenty of interesting exhibits.

If you prefer to discover more about the natural world, take a trip to the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum, and Zoo.

With near-perfect beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, Bermuda fits most people’s idea of an island paradise. There’s more to it than just sun and sand, though; there’s a rich history to explore and some great outdoor activities.

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